Thinking about my eportfolio…

I know that I should have started my eportfolio by now… I’ve been told by every teacher since first year. So since I have decided that I am not doing summer semester this year, I will then turn to focus upon doing my eportfolio and placing everything that I need to into it, before I reach fourth year…

I know i’ll have everything that i’ll need to complete it up to this point, it’s just taking the time to sort out everything and scan it, and rearrange everything and make sure that it actually looks good.

I also need to visit one of my old mentors and ask if she can sign a recommendation for me… another thing to do.

Well enough from me now, time to finish off my assignment for 3100.


What I enjoyed about EDC3100

Even though I didn’t get the best mark for it, I really enjoyed creating my webpage for my pretend classroom for my assignment 1. When I become a teacher, I will definitely be creating my own webpage, and using it as a means to communicate to parents, and as well to the students. It would be great for the students to place a little blog on there about holidays or experiences that they experience. Kind of like a digital show and tell, but only for the classroom and the students parents/guardians etc.

I love the fact that I can display what I will be teaching the children in a way where parents would be able to understand, and would be able to be involved.

Maybe I can start designing one now, and add it into my eportfolio… hey there’s an idea!


So it’s all well and good to use Flicker so that you can use ImageCodr and place the correct reference in for it, so that you’re not infringing on copyright. But…… Flicker has pretty boring photos and not a great range to choose from, I was just trying to find a picture of a broken laptop for this post, so that I could talk about my broken laptop (before this one), and how i’m going to take it to my trusty “laptop man” to get it fixed. But.. everytime I chose a good looking one, and posted the hyperlink into the HTML tab, it would say the photo was not available anymore. So really it’s telling me that the only good looking ones are no longer available, and that was when I decided to give up and go without and photo and instead complain my frustrations in this post instead. haha.

More ICT in semester 2

So I found out that I need to create a short video for one of my subjects this semester! Pretty stoked about it, and as soon as I finish 3100 I’ll be concentrating on getting it started, as well as my other 2 subjects for this semester.

I’ll have to look at the different programs that I can use for it, as I don’t have an ipad or apple laptop or what ever they’re called. So I’ll have to look for other alternatives, but i’m sure I can find one just as good as one that supports Apple.

Did I mention that I don’t like Apple… lol

ICT + Placement continued…

I was really proud that I created such awesome lessons with using powerpoint and youtube, I wasn’t sure if the students would like the lesson, but they responded well and were able to fully grasp the subject of what I was teaching (money).

Even the teacher next door stuck her head in and saw my lesson, and asked where and how did I make that from.. I said just power point! then I linked my youtube videos onto pictures, so when I clicked on it, it took me straight to the educational video. She was quite impressed, and let’s just say I felt like an ICT guru. hahahhah.

ICT in my prac placement

So I was sooo excited to use ICTs in all of my lessons at my placement, but due to faulty equipment and a mentor teacher who never used it, I was only able to use ICTs a few times with the students. The IWB didn’t quite work properly, so the lessons that were planned around it, didn’t quite work, but I did what I had to do and just kept going. When I did use ICTs the students were ecstatic, and really enjoyed the lesson, even if they didn’t get to finish due to the computer constantly freezing… plus the lesson took longer than expected as these students did not know how to type, or how to place a space in between their words. So I had to teach them as went along.


prac continued…

So as I was saying I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my grade 2/3 children, and am now contemplating if I should change my major or see if I can do both?… I have noooo idea how that works, but I do know that I would like more practical experience within higher grades of primary school, now that I KNOW that I can do it!

And to top it all off the children said that I was the best teacher they have ever had! nawwwww heart melting moment for sure! I can’t say that I had the best mentor of all time, but I did learn quite a lot.